I probably should explain this a bit, so it doesn’t reflect too poorly on my teaching skills. My students have to do a lesson out of their Vocabulary Connections workbook every few weeks, which is assigned by the Chinese teachers, and there’s a writing prompt at the end of every lesson. I only grade the lessons when they’re done with it, so I have no hand in it before they do it.

My 5th graders’ writing prompt:

Think about a time when you or someone you know had to be very brave. It may have been during a time of sickness or an accident. It may have been during a storm, or even during a contest of some kind. Write a paragraph telling what happened and explain the brave act.

Response 1:

One day the Earth is explode and the people all die, just one survivor that is me. I build a space shuttle go to other planet I met the alien he help me build a house and give me many things to eat. And I mary (marry) to the alien and I have many children and we go back to the Earth and live forever.

Response 2:

Long time ago, there was a king. The king has one daughter. The princess was very beautiful. Everyone was liked her, but the witch did not. Witch is old and ugly. She gave the princess a poison. The princess don’t know it was poison. She drink it. The princess slept. Then a brave prince came. He beat the monster and killed witch. Finally, he save the princess. They lived happilly for every.

Response 3:

My sister in high school to university have a contest, and that time she always reading exsape (except) eat food and shower, and on the day of the contest, her score is not bad so she are happy.

Response 4:

When I was child have a dog bite my bottom. I cry very loudly and my father listen so he come down to help me, and the dog was go away. So I’m grow up I was very very scared the dog.

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