A Series of Unfortunate Events

I was just washing the frying pan because I cooked dinner tonight. It was even my first time cooking seafood: clams with basil and red chili peppers, and it was delicious. Unfortunately, I sliced my pinky finger on the apparently razor-sharp edge of the pan.

During tutoring today, I had a sudden craving for Taco Bell and Mountain Dew. Jud would be proud. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no ways of satisfying these said cravings.

I have already sent in my absentee ballot. Riley asked me today if I knew if Obama or McCain won. I was so proud that he was even asking about US politics as a second-grader, much less remembered who was running. Unfortunately, I had to tell him that we had to wait another month to find out.

There’s this amazing bookstore a couple blocks away. The bookstores here are so much cooler than the ones in the US. The ones here have everything you can ever think of in the categories of office supplies with cute animal faces on them. And the endless choices of the different types of pens and pencils, it’s like heaven on earth for me. Unfortunately, it’s closing its doors on October 20.

I hear the Vanderbilt Commodores are doing well in football for a change. 5-0, I believe, and 13th in the nation? I do miss college football. Unfortunately, they don’t show the games on the ESPN we get here.

Like I said before, we have Friday off, which we will be utilizing to do some touristy stuff in Danshui. Unfortunately, I have to work on Saturday as usual, but Jen & I will be attending an engagement party in Taichung on Sunday.

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