Short Week

Jen & I have been watching Amazing Race Asia, and they’re doing an episode in Taipei. One of the tasks the contestants have to do is eat a giant bowl of stinky tofu, and they had a very hard time keeping it down. Jen & I did that sometime last week, eating stinky tofu that is. We walked by a street vendor, and I decided that we had to try it, at least once. It tastes exactly like it smells, not pleasant. I remembered eating it and not hating it before when I visited Taiwan a few years ago, but I did not remember how bad it was. I thought it tasted different than the way it smelled, but no not really. At least now I know for sure.

There was no typhoon this weekend, thank goodness, otherwise we would be home all day for the fourth straight weekend in a row.

Saturday: I had to work from 10am to 4pm, and then afterwards, we went to Ying-ge to eat dinner with my grandparents who flew in from the States. They’ll be here in Taiwan for about six months. The entire meal was a bit awkward because it was with another side of the family that I don’t know that well, and Jen & I got to sit at the table with the elders and the male sons. Jim’s grandfather also kept pouring shots of Johnny Walker whiskey for us, as everyone went around toasting our table. Jen was a trooper and did a fabulous job, getting along with everyone but unfortunately the entire meal was seafood, so she pretty much had only soup for dinner.

We left Ying-ge and made it back to Taipei around 11pm and decided to go out for a bit. We ended up at Luxy for a few hours before crashing into bed.

Sunday: Fabulous night market shopping and came back with a ton of stuff. Why would anyone need to buy anything anywhere else?

Thursday, the House Bunny finally comes out here, and since we have Friday off, I’m dragging Jen to go see it with me.

Friday is Double Ten Day which is similar to our Independence Day, so we get a day off. I would like to know if I get Saturday off too, or else it would be kind of pointless.

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