Oh, Kids

Stacy handed me an card as soon as she walked into class. I asked her if I could open it right then, and she told me, “Yes, but no read out loud.” It was really cute because she was all shy and bashful when I read it.

So cute!

We were doing phonics today, and my 2nd graders were learning to change y to i before adding -es or -ed. One of the words was marry, so of course, they asked me, “Teacher, are you married?”

“No, Teacher is not married.”

Riley pipes up, “Why not, Teacher?”

“I’m still young to be married. I’m only 23.”

“But Teacher, my parents say that when you turn 20, you can get married.”

“Yes I know, but I don’t have any money to get married.”

“You need money to be married?”

“Yes, to pay for things like a pretty dress and all the guests you will invite.”

“Oh, that’s ok, Teacher. You can just ask the boy’s parents for a thousand dollars.”

1000 dollarsNT? What will that buy me? 10 cans of beer?

So we got to check a few more problems before somebody piped up again. “Teacher, do you have a boyfriend?” And we went on a tangent as I told him about my boyfriend who is American, lives in America, who still goes to school, and when I told them I was six months older than him, they actually cheered. They wanted me to write his name on the board, and they were really excited when I told them he would be coming to Taiwan for Christmas and maybe in time for the Christmas Show at school. In fact, Joanne asked, “Teacher, where will he be sitting?”

A few more problems later, Riley raises his hand again, “Teacher, I have a question. Have you and your boyfriend be together?”

Thoroughly confused and a bit terrified to what he might be asking, “Excuse me, be together? What do you mean, Riley?” while silently praying, Please don’t be asking what I think you’re asking. I’m so not prepared to have this conversation with second graders.

“Be together. You know, be together.”

I took a chance, “Um.. like.. sit next to each other?”

“Yeah. Ooooo… Teacher.” Remember, second graders do not like the opposite sex. To them, they still have cooties.

“You know, Riley, I have seen my boyfriend.”

“But Teacher, does your boyfriend come to Taiwan before?”

I think he was confused as to how I’ve seen my boyfriend if I live here in Taiwan, and he lives in America.

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