I haven’t really missed missed home until today. I’ve been so busy trying to settle into life here and dealing with day-to-day hurdles that I took for granted back in the States. It’s all been so exciting and fresh.

I finally remembered that I had an iPod which I could really use on my 40-minute bus rides to and from school. Nothing has made me miss home more than music. Yes, I’ve missed my family and all my friends, but the constant communication via phone or skype or AIM makes it alright to deal with. But hearing songs after songs float through my earphones on the long bumpy ride as I sit watching the world fly by, I’m instantly transported to a place of familiar faces and good times.

I think I’m a bit homesick.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. I hear ya Wu-San. Things are a lot of fun, but I too miss home. It’s really only country music that makes me want to go back though, so maybe try to avoid that!

    jsoley1 – skype me if you ever need to talk, i’m actually on your sleep schedule!

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