It’s strange being in a country where no one is making a tribute to the importance of today.

In other news, there is a typhoon coming this weekend. This will be Jen and I’s first typhoon, and we just have to make sure we have enough food for a few days. Typhoon days are like snow days back in Nashville. It’s a good thing when everyone shuts down the schools and their businesses because they don’t ever take time off.

I fixed the washing machine! It was leaking water from the water supply valve, and luckily there’s a convenient hardware store down the block where I bought a new pipe and now it works! According to Jen, I am the “man” in this house, since I fix things with my toolkit from Ikea, and Jen stays home and cleans the house (because she gets home earlier than I do).

I have been pretty exhausted lately. The school keeps adding hours for me, and now I’m up to 22 a week with tutoring plus a couple more, it seems like, in the next week. And I’m also tutoring my aunt and uncle for four hours a week. Here is my weekly schedule (so far):

Monday: 2:45-6:40pm
Tuesday: 4:40-6:10pm, Tutoring 8-10pm
Wednesday: 2:45-6:40pm
Thursday: 2:45-5:50pm, Tutoring 8-10pm
Friday: 2:45-9pm
Saturday: 9am-3:30pm

Now add about two hours of commute time to every day, and I’m officially wiped out by the end of the week. However, the money is good, and this is the time to be making as much as I can. So be it.

3 thoughts on “9/11

  1. You’re officially more handy than Jud. But he’s always been the woman in the relationship anyway.

    And, 22 hour work week? How do you think the rest of us working 40 hours feel? 🙂

  2. oh Paulto, thats right, I’m the man of the relationship, lol.

    how are you defining handiness tho?

    22 + 6*2 = like 34.. thats pretty solid!

  3. Tina! Take pictures of the typhoon! I’ve never seen one! 🙂

    So.. do you get exhausted tutoring all the time? I know I would. Quite honestly, there wasn’t much of a 9/11 tribute here either. People tend to not care or at least forget 7 years after the fact…. hopefully this won’t lead to another one in a few decades.

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