Night Owls

We went out for the first time in the month since we’ve been here. Saturday night, Charles invited Jen&I and some other people from work to have dinner at this house. He made spaghetti, and we just sat around and talked. I got all the dirt about people at work, and it was great merriment all around.

Then, since Jen&I have never been out, we got to experience a hole-in-the-wall pub with no name, which was filled with Americans and Canadians. I’ve met my first Canadians here in Taiwan, although Canada is so much closer to Nashville than Taipei. The cab ride there was ridiculous and quite informative because there’s a girl at work who’s learning Chinese, and I tried to serve as their translator as she was trying to find out his life story. Apparently, he’s 36, not married, but is looking for a decent traditional and conservative Taiwanese girl. He said that all Taiwanese girls do now is go out and party every night and are only attracted to foreign guys. When ThuVan asked if he liked to go out and party every night, he said that he would rather stay home with his wife and play with his kids. Adorable. Although, his personal saying (loosely translated) is “There are no good women in Taiwan. All the good ones are married.”

However, I beg to differ.

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