Taiwanian, Like Bahamian

I got asked directions twice today! You know that means I’m almost like a native. The first time was at the bus stop, and some lady asked me where the Living Mall was which literally is like a block away. I told her to just go straight, and she was like, then what? Um, just go straight and you can’t miss it. There’s a huge ball attached to it.

The second time was on the bus home, and the man sitting in front of me asked if the bus was going towards Neihu. My school is in Neihu, and I was going home, so no. Then he kept asking me if the bus goes to the subway or the train station, and I had no idea. I felt bad, but of all the people on that bus to ask, including the bus driver, he chose to ask me. The foreigner who has only been here a month.

I made friends! There’s a fellow teacher at my school, Charles, who is having some of our other fellow teachers at our school and us over for dinner tomorrow night.

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