Home Sweet Home

We are officially moved into our new apartment, and after some cleaning, it is sparkling and beautiful. We also have cable and fast internet, so all we need is a TV.. Once we get a little bit more furniture, I’ll take some pictures and share them with you. We also just discovered an adorable little wonton restaurant right next door to us, and it’s delicious. Guess who’s going to be regulars soon?

We live about a 10-minute walk from the closest subway stop, and about a 20-minute walk from Taipei 101. You can actually see 101 pretty well from the front of our building, so when New Year’s rolls around, and everyone is trying to get there to see the fireworks, we can set up camp right on the sidewalk or just walk there and not have to deal with the transportation madness.

I got to write in communication books today about my students to send home to the parents. I also had to write a letter introducing myself as a new teacher and explaining that I am “really excited!” to be teaching their children. Who would’ve thought that the little girl who got “talks too much in class” in her kindergarten communication book would one day get to rate her students and write their parents letters?

Fun Fact: McDonald’s delivers here! We’re so hitting that up. It really is a good thing we walk a lot here, or else I would be paying some serious overweight fees on the flight home.

(I finally have a facebook album up of some random pictures from the past few weeks.)

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