I Never Liked Science

Today, out of the blue, Riley asked me, “Teacher, but you look like Chinese people.”

I told him I was American though. And he got really confused and insisted again that I looked like Chinese people.

Tuesday is Science Day. I taught them about matter, solids, liquids, and gases. There was a sentence that said that boats can float on salt water better than fresh water. Ok, I already knew that.. but I’ve forgotten why.

Ting-Ting raised her hand and said something about the salt making air or lifting things better or something to that effect. And I asked her how did she know that, and she said she read it in a book, so I said “That’s very interesting!” and quickly moved on to solids.

One thought on “I Never Liked Science

  1. LOL. Hey Tina! It’s Kristen sending you a shoutout from Korea. The kids get really surprised when I tell them I’m from the USA. “Really teachaaa?! You are American?” I guess they figure everywhere else in the world automatically speaks English=^^=

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