Today I experienced my first taste of blatant discrimination. I certainly talked about it enough, but it actually happened to me.

I called a school today asking about a position. “Hi, my name is Tina, and I’m responding to your ad online about the part time morning position.”

A nice lady answered, “Oh, yes yes. Are you available to come in for a face-to-face interview? How’s today between 2:30 and 5?”

“Oh sure, today’s fine,” I replied.

So she asked, “How does 3pm sound?”

Of course, I’m excited for such a quick response. “That sounds great. Can I get an address for the school?”

“Sure. But first, can I get your name and number?”

“Ok, my name is Tina Wu. And my number is…”

She interrupted me, “Wait, what? Tina Wu? Did you say Wu?”

Confused, would I have to spell it for her? “Um, yes…” I replied.

“Ok, no offense, but are you Caucasian?” She stumbles over her words.

Ok then, actually I am a bit offended. “No, I am not,” I huffed.

“Oh. Sorry. We only want Caucasians.”

How do you respond to that? I gave up, “Great. Thanks.” *Click*

In other news, I accepted the job in Neihu! It sounds fantastic. I know it’s only part time for now, but I’m sure there’s enough room for me to add more hours, tutoring and what not, when the school year starts. You know the one aspect that kind of decided it for me? They have a Christmas program! It’s going to be adorable.

And now the hard part, on to the housing search. I think Jen is going to go with something that’s about 30 minutes from my job, so we’ll have to find someplace in between with easy access to the subway and buses. I’m ok with commuting for a bit to get to work, as long as our place is close to lots of stores.

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