One Week Already

I can’t believe it’s already been one week today since we’ve been here today.

I have a cell phone. A pink Nokia, how fitting.

The past two days have been filled with job interviews. I had one at David’s English School yesterday, where I had to fill out an application take a grammar test first. Is it “have often been” or “often have been”? Is it “old red Spanish leather boots” or “red old Spanish leather boots”? Geez, it’s been forever since I’ve learned grammar rules, much less remember them. I think I passed, or else she would have thanked me and not bothered to continue the interview. I have to go back on Monday to do a teaching demo targeted towards adults at the intermediate level. Guess what topic she gave me? Wait for it.. shopping. Is it fate? Possibly.

Today was jam packed with more interviews with a lot of getting lost. Our first appointment was at 10:30am across town, so we decided to head out an hour early. After getting on a bus, then a subway, then a bus again, we got to the general area where we were supposed to be. But after following the directions given, we ended up at a completely non-English-school-looking store. After a few phone calls, we finally made it to the school.. 45 minutes late. The teacher looked us over, proceeded to show us the school and the materials they use for their students, told us the hours and the salary, and then asked us when can we let her know when we can start. The whole process took about ten minutes.

The second appointment was at 2pm in a different part of time. Not so lost this time, since my uncle drove us. We actually went through an interview this time, and she also had us do a teaching demo for four students age 5-8. (You can never tell with Asian people. They all look much younger than they really are.) I taught them numbers and passed out stickers. I would say it went pretty well, but afterwards she kind of rushed us out the door. Hopefully, it really was because she was late for that meeting. We’ll see if we get a phone call in the next few days.

Third interview was at 6pm in a totally different part of town at the American Club. Yes, it was quite filled with Americans and looked really nice. I would want to check it out someday when my American friends come and visit me. (*hint*hint*) That went rather well since it mostly consisted of him telling me about his school and the curriculum. It sounded fabulous, and the pay is really well, but the only downfall is that it’s only part time. But I could totally find something part time in the morning. I have to hear back from him also, but he did ask me when could I let him know by as well so that can only mean that it’s pretty much in the bag, right?

We shall see. I have a feeling that by this time next week, the job search should be over, and I will have a job.

Just got back from Made of Honor. Totally adorable and cheesy. Drag your date to it. I promise a good time. In the meantime, take care and talk to you again soon.

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