There is Hope

It’s way too hot here… there’s no air conditioning here at my aunt’s place, in fact not much anywhere, so we can only sleep with fans on in 90 degree weather.

I’m also way too dark-skinned for them here. My cousin, who’s 17, is currently in modeling high school where she learns to put on make up and how to put oneself look pretty. Anyways, she asked me if I wished I were paler.

The toilets are half normal ones and half squatting ones. I’m not a big fan of the squatting toilets. I’m always afraid I’ll pee on my shoes or something, and there’s just something unsettling about my face being so close to all of that. The idea is that it’s more sanitary because your butt doesn’t actually touch anything, but if you’re squatting, putting your face so close to all that can’t be sanitary either. And hardly any public places have toilet paper available, so most of the time you have to bring your own Kleenex. It’s times like these when I wish I were a boy.

Ok, I’m done with the gross stuff.

Yesterday, we went to visit more family. We went to Ying-ge, famous for its ceramics, and did touristy stuff. Here, all shopping streets are lined with little food kiosks with all sorts of random and delicious snacks. But if you eat something from just about every kiosk, then that’s just like three meals. My cousin and aunt from China are also in Taiwan for about a week. Apparently, the girls in the family, on my dad’s eyes, all have pretty eyes. I think my girl cousins’ eyes are the biggest with the super long eyelashes and the folded eyelids. I’m just a teensy bit jealous.

Today, we went shopping at Ximen, the biggest teenager hangout/shopping place ever. Ok, that’s a lie because everywhere has hardcore shopping places. But imagine your local teenage hangout or where you meet up with your high school friends, now multiply that place by a thousand and the people by a million. A bit of an exaggeration, but you get what I mean.

I bought a pair of chucks today. Now I need a new handbag to go with them. Did I mention that I love to shop? I decided to wear the chucks right after I bought them because the flip flops I bought the other day were hurting my feet, so I had to buy socks. Then I got blisters from the chucks. We do a lot of walking here.

As for the real reasons why we’re here in Taiwan, we do have job interviews! Tomorrow, Jennifer needs to get a health check, and then we need to go far out of the city for one of Jennifer’s interview. (She didn’t know where any of the places are, so the only place she called today asked her to come in to interview tomorrow, and of course it was the furthest away. And she most likely won’t take it, but it’s ok because we need to see what the interviews are like.) After that, we need to come back here and meet with a lady who works for a company who helps schools find English teachers. And then on Thursday, I have another interview with another lady at another school.

If you didn’t know already, some of these English schools will only hire foreign-looking teachers. There are parents who won’t pay for their students to attend the schools if they don’t think that the teachers are the best. And since the parents have no other way to compare the English levels, they can only do it based on appearance. But I already sent my pictures to the schools that I’m going to interview at, so I’m not worried that they’ll reject me because they only hire foreign people. That has been one of my biggest concerns lately, and I’m pretty certain that Jennifer should find a job before I do with the least amount of effort.

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