I am here. Jennifer and I are here. We are finally here in Taipei.

After a four-hour flight to Los Angeles, five-hour wait in the LAX airport, and a 13-hour flight to Taipei, I am sitting here at my uncle’s place with the fans blowing. With our massive tons of luggage, which we’ve paid a total of $130 to just get on the plane, we finally made it. The plane rides were smooth: watched Kung Fu Panda, half of Made of Honor, and barely noticed takeoff and landing. We landed at 6am Taiwan time, so our biggest focus was to stay awake all day to combat the jet lag. I lost a Thursday, but I’ll make it back up when I go back to the States.

Coming into the city, you can see the smog surrounding Taipei 101, but it’s just as impressive. The weather is hot and humid, and central air conditioning units are rare. We walked around the mall, took a 2-hour nap, and had two delicious meals: noodles and hot pots. I’m sleepy now.

Today is Father’s Day in Taiwan and also the beginning of the Olympics. So far, it’s been an pretty epic day.

(Pictures up soon.)

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