Like that Yaz Commercial,

“Goodbye to you!”

This will be my last weekend in Nashville.

In the past month, I’ve said goodbye to Jing and Kevin and Zhou. Goodbye Lily and Paul, I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you but take care and do try to come visit me!

In the past week, there was a farewell party at Jennifer’s house with hamburgers and s’mores and fireworks and cute cute kittens, and I had to said goodbye to Carol and Leslie. I said goodbye to Kari last night. Usually there’s always Christmas or breaks where I know I’m guaranteed to see them again.

Now, it’s just uncharted territory where the goodbyes are actually indefinite goodbyes and not just “see you again in a few months”. I suppose the next reunion will be at a wedding, but please wait until I get back though, thanks.

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