Because I like being part of trends, I have also created an official going-abroad blog that will help me keep track of my adventures in Taiwan and around Asia and also help me stay in touch with you.

My flight is in T-minus 17 days, and I’m getting more and more excited as August 6th gets closer. However, the realization that I am starting a new life in a different country has not completely hit me yet, and my room is still a disaster which goes to show how much I am putting off trying to pack.

As for why I’m doing this instead of going down the mundane path of settling down and finding a job right after graduation, I had decided to go on this trip with my friend, Jennifer, back in April. I also had an acceptance into the JET program which is also a teaching-English program located in Japan. However, my parents were not too keen on me traveling to a foreign country by myself, especially if I didn’t know the language. (Although, I did take an Intro to Japanese class my last semester in college to prep, you know, just in case.) Jennifer also had other plans for after graduation and if she were to go through with that, then I would be headed to Japan. But as fate would have it, her plans fell through, so I turned down JET, and now we’re headed to Taipei in about two weeks.

Besides, when else will I be able to drop everything and just travel for a year? I’ve alway wanted to do this, and now I have the opportunity to without being tied down with rent or a full-time job.

As for plans when we get there, that’s also a bit up in the air right now. I have extended family with whom we will stay with for a few days, but we will have to find jobs and our own place as soon as we get there. I do have a couple of job interviews that I secured back in May, so hopefully those will still be available three months later.

There is a comments option at the bottom of every post, and I wish for you to keep me updated on your lives as you see fit. As soon as Jennifer and I get settled, we will also be open to any visits from any of you, so if you would like to see this part of the world, then get on a plane and we’ll take care of the rest.

2 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. wait a second…you have to get a job as well as teach english? or is this not an english teaching program you’re doing? i’m guessing you’re just flying over in hopes of a job…no?

  2. yes, we’re just flying over in hopes of a job. we’re not in a program because it was too much hassle to ensure that jen and i would end up in the same place/program.

    risky, i know, but it’s just that much more exciting.

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